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  Gluten Free Vegatarian Bouillons Mixes reviews

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  Vegetarian Bouillons-Chicken Flavor, Gluten Free

  • Momofthree *****stars Delicious amd more healthy than other brands Reviewed in USA 2/6/21

    I Purchased this so we could make ramen soup quickly at home. This has been perfect - taste is great and it's easy to measure out to control the saltiness of the broth. I'll be purchasing more when this is gone. One person found this helpful

  • srtmadison ***** stars very good flavorexcellent value 12/5/2020

    This has an excellent flavor, very rich and robust. It only took a couple of spoonfuls to flavor a pan full of water. I will definitely be buying this again.

  • Sciencelady *****stars good value 8/21/19 Reviewed in USA

    A fine-tasting vegetable bouillon and a great value for the money. If I was rating this solely on flavor, which is a bit mild or subtle, I would give this three or four stars. However, with the low price, I think it deserves five stars.

  • Pat in Laguna *****stars Super Stars Reviewed in USA 6/27/21

    Bang for your buck. Especially good with SoyCurls!

  • ARHouston *****stars concentrated Reviewed in USA 5/23/22

    As one reviewer mentioned, it smells a little weird in the can. But once it is mixed in with the cooking, it is quite nice. Takes less than the other product I was using to get the same flavor. Have not tried it on its own as a broth, but used in seitan, fried rice, etc.

  • Mabel

    Could you please tell me where I could find Vegetarian Bouillon-chicken (33188) in the Greater Vancouver, BC area, particularly in Burnaby, BC in Canada? This is an rare and excellent product - Please keep up the good work!

  • MirandaPen *****stars Vegetarian Secret Reviewed in USA 3/5/22

    Add to anything savory for extra flavor in a vegetarian diet. I use it in Mashed potatoes, green beans and Noodle soups. I originally picked this up in an Asian market but now I can order online.

  • Tiffany

    I bought the vegetarian chicken bouillon once several years ago. I do not remember where I purchased it and have not seen the product since. Is there a way I can order it directly from you? I love this product!

  • Donna

    where can I purchase your chicken flavored broth, I purchased this both in Southern California and absolutely love it. I've introduced my friends and family to it as well and we have looked everywhere in Northern California and cannot find it. Please help me locate your product. I live in Turlock, ca.

  • Clayton

    I just called about your wonderful Vegetarian Chicken Bouillon. I've been using it for years, and we us it all the time while cooking. We bought six cans last time, but we seem to be having trouble finding it now.

  • A "ULB"

    This review is from: Vegetarian Bouillon Mix-Chicken Flavor (Misc.) I now use this instead of using salt to anything I cook. It taste good and adds flavor to everything you cook. For a vegetarian this is a great must have.

  • K. Parker

    I boughtVegetarian Bouillon Mix-Chicken Flavor to cook for a vegetarian sister-in-law, (I love meat.) I was shocked by how well this stuff tastes. It tastes good enough to make you question how they can make it taste so great and not have snuck any chicken in it!

  • Bird Girl "LK in WA" CA

    This review is from: Vegetarian Bouillon Mix-Chicken Flavor. You can make faux chicken gravy, soup stock, enhance bland canned soups, stir fries and so many dishes with this. It honestly tastes like real tasty chicken broth, amazing!

  • Vera WA

    This review is from: Vegetarian Bouillon Mix-Chicken Flavor. Your vegetarian bouillon mix is the best product I ever tried. I bought so many different brands of vege bouillons in a past, but cannot compare any of those to your product! Thank you very much! Appreciate your business!

  • Viji CA

    This review is from: Vegetarian Bouillon Mix-Chicken Flavor. Thank you so much for making a wonderful mixture for vegetarians. This is my "go to" vegetarian soup base. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Cheers,

  • Wendy CA

    This review is from: Vegetarian Bouillon Mix-Chicken Flavor. Your vegetable broth was recommended at a healthful cooking class at Scripps Clinic. If you can give me the name of a store that carries it I would like to know about it so I can recommend your product to my friends. We all appreciate low sodium foods. Thanks so much for your time and reply.


      Vegetarian Bouillons-Mushroom Flavor, gluten free

  • Wanda *****stars taste reviewed in USA 10/17/20

    I have used this before and was glad to see it back. It has a better taste than beef or chicken for most receipes

  • Yoguera *****stars Great with Mexican rice reviewed in USA 11/21/20

    Really good flavor, I don’t use any other bullion

  • Bibilotech *****stars very tasty Umame reviewed in USA 8/23/19

    This makes a shroomy-feefy broth that is rich and satisfying. Cut some vegetables into it, some chunks of tofu, and you have a great meal. It's expensive, though. If they could shave off a few dollars and bring it into the sweet spot, I'd buy it more often.

  • deanna jensen *****stars so tasty Reviewed in USA 8/11/19

    So tasty One person found this helpful

  • ZD *****stars Great for home and soul food cooks reviewed in USA 3/11/18

    My daughter went vegan and upset our entire non vegan household and the numerous 30 plus parties we give annually. Oh well! As a soul food chef and my daughter still wanted her cornbread dressing and usual favorites vegan dishes. The Harvest brand chicken is fantastic! I also use Massey (the flavors are different) but also good. Harvest is such a hit that. The my daughter has taken to hiding the vegan dishes to keep the non vegan out of her food!! You won’t be disappointed. Start with a little and increase as you go to avoid it getting too salty. I’ve learned to season and let the flavors marinade before adding more. Hope this helps.

  • Amy Wyman, WA

    Great Flavor,this Vegetarian Bouillon Mix-Mushroom Flavor broth is great! The flavor is really unique and can be used in stir-frys, gravy, and soup. Our favorite is to use 50/50 of this with Harvest 2000's standard Vegetarian Bouillon, and add 2-3 Star Anise to make the best Vege Pho Broth!

  • Julies, CA

    Vegetarian Bouillon Mix-Mushroom Flavor (Misc.) Being a vegetarian, I have been through my fair share of various vegetarian broths that were less than stellar. This particular flavor and brand was a pleasant surprise to experience because it was rich and flavorful without tasting like an artificial knockoff that most vegetarian broths end up tasting like. And the best part is that it isn't just awesome as a broth, it is awesome for seasoning anything from stir-fried veggies to gravy.

  • J. Chakhtoura

    I was unable to find Vegetarian Bouillon Mix-Mushroom Flavorat local grocery stores so googled around to see what was available online. I was happy to find this Harvest 2000 brand. It is powder (not cubes) so simplifies measuring and dissolves readily in hot water. It's economical: each canister (8 oz.) makes 65 cups of broth. They shipped it the same day my order was complete. The best part is: IT'S DELICIOUS!

  • By Sengoku CA

    Vegetarian Bouillon Mix-Mushroom Flavor,This has to be the best tasting stock on the planet. I agree with the previous reviewer about mixing this with the standard vegetable broth (plus anise and cinnamon) for an amazing pho soup. This also works really well in a risotto, gravy or hot pot. Once I discovered this stock powder, I was hooked for life.



      Vegetarian Bouillons Mix, Gluten Free

  • Glassman

    Vegetarian Bouillons (33185) originally bought this product at Pavilions in Rancho Mirage. They no longer carry it. Have tried Stater Bros, and Albertson but they don’t have it either. I love this product and hope you can tell me where I can find it.

  • Sally

    I was introduced to the Vegetarian Bouillon Mix by my Vietnamese daughter-in-law when we were visiting in the Seattle area. She puts a dab of it in most all of her dishes, and they are wonderful. Yes, it is the original flavor (33185) that I am looking at.

  • Kazren "Kazren" (

    This review is from: Vegetarian Bouillon Mix. This is wonderful. It tastes great, is healthy, is vegan, and you get about 65 cups from one can (8 oz can). I buy it whenever I find it in the store and I find it very comforting to sip it while at work during a stressful day.

  • A. Wyman, WA

    Excellent broth for vegan and gluten-free meals, like pho, this review is from: Vegetarian Bouillon Mix, Tasty and delicious. Has good flavor without having to make veggie broth from scratch. This complements the mushroom broth well.

  • Wendy CA

    This review is from: Vegetarian Bouillon Mix. Your vegetable broth was recommended at a healthful cooking class at Scripps Clinic. If you can give me the name of a store that carries it I would like to know about it so I can recommend your product to my friends. We all appreciate low sodium foods. Thanks so much for your time and reply.