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Wonton Toppers


                                                                                    Wonton Salad Toppers

                  Wonton Salad Topper - (Garlic Ginger 33801)  (Salt & Vinegar 33802)  (Spicy Kung Pao 33803)


Harvst2000 create Crispy Wonton Salad Toppers since 1999, our exquisite flavor Wonton Salad Toppers add flavor and texture to any of your salad creation, Our Wonton Topper Salad help to add better taste for your vegetables, soups and salad dishes and it is also a great snack for munching, it taste amazing.

  • Add zest, crunch and yummy flavor to your salad or meal
  • Premium Quality
  • Exquisite Flavor
  • Yummy munching snack
  • 140 calorie per serving (1 oz)
  • An Excellent Crunch & Flavor for Salad and Vegetable


Wonton Salad Topper-Garlic Ginger


Wonton Salad Topper
Garlic Ginger
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Wonton Salad Topper-salt & vinegar


Wonton Salad Topper
Salt & Vinegar
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Wonton Salad Topper-Spicy Kung Pao


Wonton Salad Topper
Spicy Kung Pao
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